Stockholm Central Station


Stockholm Central Station is the busiest station in Sweden, both for long distance travel and within the Stockholm commuter network.


  • Stockholm, Sweden



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  • National Swedish Transport Administration

Project Status

  • Completed in 2010


Preparing for Growth

Stockholm Central Station has 60 million passengers a year, with a forecast of 150 million passengers a year by 2030. Adjacent to the central station is the main metro station (T-Centralen), which is the only station where all metro lines meet. More than 300,000 passengers pass through the metro station every day.

Today, Stockholm Central Station is used as a final destination and transit point for long distance trains, Arlanda Express and the commuter network, as well as for the Metro and for both long distance and local buses.

In 2017, commuter trains will move from existing tracks at Stockholm Central Station to a completely new line underneath the city centre, the City Line. The City Line is a vital project for long-term rail development in the region and for the creation of an efficient public transport system that meets city’s requirements. Once completed, this new line will dramatically improve travel into and out of the city. The system includes a 6 km new tunnel under the city centre and two new stations. The main one, City Station, is located under Stockholm Central Station and the metro lines passing through T-Centralen.


Overall Better Mobility

The project aims to increase capacity, permissible speed and safety at Stockholm Central Station to accommodate for the needs of transport to, from and within Stockholm in the future.

The station’s redevelopment was conducted in its existing environment, i.e. extremely busy, with different transportation modes, and involving a very complex setup of the north and south yards of the station with very limited space, which required our experts to be innovative. WSP was also responsible for coordination with other consultants in ensuring the project overall success.

150 million
6 km

Multiple Expertise Deliver Success

We mobilized an experienced multidisciplinary team of engineers, construction planners, cost managers and environmentalists. They established a clear strategy aiming to reduce the risk and providing development and clarity to the delivery program.

Our mandate included rail design and engineering, as well as strategic consulting, in order to raise capacity and speed while increasing safety. We were involved in the project program from early studies all the way through to detailed design and construction documents. We provided services, specifically for the design of permanent way, overhead lines equipment design, land development, risk analysis and operational analysis as well as coordination for other technical fields.

We provided studies and design as well as project coordination with great satisfaction, ensuring the overall success of the project.