Nuclear Energy


WSP provides services for nuclear energy projects including new build, radioactive waste management and decommissioning, quality services, nuclear technology, and environmental and planning services.



WSP has extensive experience in new build, radioactive waste management, quality services and nuclear technology. We also provide a wide range of environmental and planning services on nuclear projects.

We work for vendors, utilities, banks and other lenders, regulators and government departments and agencies. This extends to economics and concept work supporting the whole case for nuclear, technology assessments for small modular reactors, and civil design and environmental appraisal for new nuclear projects in the UK and the Middle East.

WPS is an accredited Independent Third Party Inspection Authority (ITPIA). Since 1991, we have had a fleet wide Inspection and Quality Assurance Framework Agreement with EDF covering project quality management, supplier oversight and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Notified Body support.

Our practice areas include:

Economic Appraisal
Site Selection
Feasibility Studies and Concept Design
Technology Analysis and Criteria Development
Advisory Services
Design Verification
Lender’s Engineer/Due Diligence
Quality Services
Environmental Approvals and Management
Civil and Structural Design and Stability Analysis
Geotechnical and geological engineering


Our Services

Project Development
Planning and Permitting
Site Characterization
Project Management
Preliminary Engineering and Design
Environmental Assessment, Surveys and Permitting
Planning and Support on Development Consent Orders
Resource Assessment and Energy Forecasts
ALARP Studies

Engineering and Construction

Civil Design and Surveillanc
Tender Package and Selection Process
Detailed Engineering for Construction
Owner’s Engineer
Independent Third-Party Design Review
Construction Management (EPCM)
Commissioning, Testing and Start-Up
Flood Risk, Coastal Protection and Beach Management

Operations and Asset Management
Project Quality Management (QA/QC)
Supplier Oversight
Risk-Based Auditing
Environmental Monitoring
Performance Assessment
Condition Assessment 

Advisory Services and Project Risk Review
Independent Engineer Services
Technical Due Diligence Analysis