Governments, cities, and businesses face significant challenges related to population growth, resource demands and constraints, and extreme weather events that impact the resiliency and sustainability of our communities. WSP is committed to integrating the principles of sustainability into our work in planning, designing, and managing both property and infrastructure.




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On every project, our goal is to offer our clients innovative ideas that meet the triple bottom line of sustainability. We emphasize innovation and creativity in answering the challenges associated with the natural and built environment while carefully balancing social, economic, and environmental imperatives, and we apply this approach across a range of disciplines and sectors.


Working for the Future

WSP has a unique team of management consultants, scientists, and engineers, all working throughout the lifecycle of a project, from strategy to delivery and commissioning to operations, to offer innovative and implementable solutions with a strong focus on change management and executive engagement.

In our planning and community development work, we advocate strategies to create vibrant, livable communities. In the power and energy sector, we contribute to the development of renewable energy sources and the reduction of emissions associated with traditional power generation. For commercial, residential, and institutional buildings, we design “green” systems that conserve energy and other natural resources. Our work in transportation planning and design encourages the development of communities that offer a full range of economic, social, and recreational opportunities. We advise clients, including government agencies, on strategies to reduce carbon emissions and to address the consequences of climate change.

Full Lifecycle Services

Our expertise providing integrated and sustainable engineering and architectural solutions across multiple sectors is what informs our high-level Sustainable Advisory services offerings, which include:

  • Lifecycle cost analysis and asset management
  • Low carbon advisory (including accounting, adaptation, and mitigation strategies)
  • Policy development
  • Program development and management
  • Resiliency planning and risk management
  • Scenario planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Thought leadership and innovation
  • Vulnerability assessments


Sustainable Asset Management

We work with executive teams to understand long-term trends and respond to them. We design detailed strategies to respond to the opportunities and challenges of climate change, future energy prices, and water. We help our clients deliver these on the ground, using our practical engineering teams and world class staff in many countries across the world.

Future Ready Sustainability

From cutting energy and water use, to understanding future megatrends, our teams work with clients to reduce their impact on the environment and also to understand how future trends will impact their businesses. Our Future Ready program is unique in our sector and aims to build future trends in all of our projects. Future Ready provides executive teams with clear, evidence based insights – insights we also apply to our engineering designs and clients.