Water infrastructure is needed to supply cities with potable water, collect and treat waste water, as well as to manage storm water run-off and prevent flooding.



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Where people live, there is a need for water infrastructure. Whether for a city, a community, or a rural area, water infrastructure is needed to supply the city with potable water, collect and treat waste water, as well as to manage storm water run-off and prevent flooding. Delivering optimal and efficient water infrastructure projects requires both an understanding of the natural environment, topography, and resources, as well as knowledge of the built environment and the economic, social, and political factors.

At WSP, our multidisciplinary team works closely with our clients, master planners, regulators, and local officials to design the best water infrastructure to fit their needs.


Putting Our Experience to Work for You

WSP is a major partner in the development of innovative and economical solutions for water collection, treatment and distribution, hydraulic structures, as well as storm water management. Our many achievements reflect the depth of our expertise and our capacities to optimally design and manage projects relating to retention structures, pumping and overpressure stations, piping, conveyance and transmission, and treatment of raw water, potable water, storm, and sanitary sewage water.

Whether designing a new facility, modernizing and rehabilitating existing structures, or extending networks, we support our clients from planning to commissioning. We have extensive experience in the management and operation of waterworks, water collection and treatment. We work with both networks that use simple technology to the more complex systems required for large cities. With civil, hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, and process engineers, WSP's expertise is global and applies to all environments and conditions, both urban and rural, as well as in the Arctic North. The water infrastructure services we offer include:

  • Water Master Plan
  • Survey of existing installations
  • Topography and geotechnics
  • Simulation and computer modeling of hydraulic transients
  • Assessment of flows
  • Analysis of the processing chain
  • Environmental studies
  • Study of flood risk
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Training of operators


Building Sustainable Infrastructure

As an experienced provider of sustainable practices, WSP works with clients to reduce their environmental footprint. As business partners to our clients, we focus on delivering the tangible, technical solutions that make a real difference. We have the expertise to progressively and cost effectively reduce the environmental impact and resource intensity of projects around the world.

The successful completion of international projects has enabled us to develop a thorough understanding of the intertwined socio-economic, institutional, legal, regulatory, and environmental contexts. Our local engineers and experts team up with specialists who are recognized for their expertise and experience with complex technical conditions. This combines state-of- the-art and proven methodologies and tools with field-based knowledge, to ensure a successful result. This combination of experts, unique to each project, allows early identification of risks, enabling proactive project management.


Technology-Driven Design

We help our clients turn today’s biggest challenges into their greatest opportunities. Put simply, we design, engineer and project manage water infrastructure projects such as water and wastewater treatment plants, booster stations, reservoirs, elevated tanks, sewage and storm water pumping stations, conveyance structures, spillways and hydraulic structures. Whether designing conventional or advanced systems, we pride ourselves on our technical innovation and our appetite for excellence on each and every project, large or small.