#engineeredOURway - Anahid Yousef

Anahid, our Senior Engineer - Transport Planning, shares with us how diversity is not just a target but a tool to be used for growth and development! 

Who are you and what is your role?
I am a Senior Engineer in the Transport Planning team, based in the WSP Kuwait office. As part of my role I work on major master planning projects and traffic impact studies which involve evaluating how our roads operate and proposing improvements to their functionality.

What got you into engineering?
I have always been very interested in creativity, art and diversity since childhood.
I saw engineering as more than a career, offering lots of opportunities to achieve great things and leave a positive impact on our societies.

What is it you do outside of work that you feel most proud of?
I am very proud of maintaining a healthy life style, sports are a big part of my daily routine, as well as healthy eating and maintaining a positive mental state. A good work/life balance is important, and I am happy to say I make time for my family and my work load.

What do you think the future of engineering looks like?
I think the future of engineering is phenomenally bright. Engineering will have a huge impact on our future societies, increasing the quality of life for people.

What are your thoughts on Gender Balance & Diversity within the industry?
I believe gender balance and diversity are very important in our industry at all levels.
The industry is rapidly evolving, and diversity is not just a target anymore but a tool for growth and development.
Taking full advantage of everyone’s potential and different points of view is essential to the future success of the industry.