Pulp and Paper

We support pulp and paper clients with multidisciplinary engineering and project management solutions to address issues impacting the industry.

Whether it’s improving the output from aged equipment, expanding operations, or installing technologies to enhance production, functionality, quality, reliability, and profitability, WSP thrives on assessing and planning for scenarios that are difficult to test in real-world situations. In this way, we enable our pulp and paper clients to see issues before they are translated into unnecessary costs and unwanted down time.

Our teams in Canada and Sweden have in-depth knowledge and experience in the pulp and paper industry. We offer a wide range of services and sustainable solutions to clients at all project phases through our service lines: Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPC/EPCM);  program and project management; process design; mechanical and piping; electrical, civil and structural engineering; automation, instrumentation and control; and environmental.

Local Expertise, Global Presence

We draw on the expertise of 600-plus industrial professionals worldwide with experience in steam power applications, stock preparation, paper machines, wood handling/preparation, and process modeling, to help our clients cut expenses by eliminating unused capacity, wasted time and materials, and costly design errors.

Regardless the project size or complexity, our innovative approach to new practices and current technology, help our clients benefit from faster decision making and more accurate planning to address challenges that can arise during production.

We offer a complete range of services, including: