Audiovisual Systems

Audiovisual (AV) facilities are a part of everyday life. Whether presenting in a small meeting room or in a conference hall, speaking via video link to a colleague on the other side of the world, enjoying close ups of the action on a giant screen at a football match, pursuing a course of study via distance learning, or viewing an interactive video wall in an art gallery, we are reliant on high-quality, reliable and user-friendly audio visual technology.

Extensive, Sector-Wide Experience

WSP provides expert consultancy to support our clients’ businesses with AV technology that is appropriate to their needs. Our wide-ranging expertise, developed across all sectors, includes commercialresidentialretail, sportsculturalgovernmenthealthcareand education.

For example, we provided audio systems for the lobby, fitness centre and rooftop pool of the Apollo H Street project, a new mixed use residential development of 430 residential units in Washington DC. The systems included independent controls for customization, a 20-foot HD project screen movie theatre and independently controlled AV equipment in other communal rooms.

Other examples of our diverse portfolio include AV installations for the revitalization of BC Place Stadium for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, as well as for the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and its 5,000-seat conference hall and 32 meeting rooms. We also completed AV installations for the New Hong Kong Design Institute, the best equipped education facility in Hong Kong, which includes an 800-seat auditorium with video wall broadcasting facilities and six 120-seat lecture rooms.

Complex Audiovisual Systems

Leveraging our extensive experience, we assist our clients in clearly defining their needs, expectations and priorities, while working within their available budget. AV installations require considerable behind-the- scenes technical support systems and interactions with building services, interior design and architecture.

Our priorities are to design and deliver systems that are reliable and simple to operate, cost effective in terms of capital outlay and operation and energy-efficient, with the flexibility to accommodate future change and technological advances. In addition to the choice of display sizes, sound systems and operating controls, we provide input on room shape and layout, sightlines, acoustics, bandwidth capacity, lighting and shade control and the interface with safety and security systems, all with the goal of optimizing sometimes conflicting technical, operational, administrative and financial objectives.

When wanted a video montage display in a large atrium space at their new world headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts, we found a solution to counteract the impact of daylight from surrounding glass. By specifying LED for the video wall, we were able to ensure video clips, text, graphics and dynamic content would be clearly visible.

Collaborating for Best Results

Since AV systems may have a significant impact on base building design, we advocate our involvement in the design process of any new build or retro-fit from the earliest stages in order to attain optimum results and cost-efficiency.

For example, integrating sightline analysis with the architecture at the start of design guarantees that everyone in an auditorium will be able to see the screen and avoids costly last-minute fixes. Similarly, carrying out acoustical analytics at the design stage will help the architect decide on the correct acoustic treatment for the space in order to optimize sound quality.

We also work very closely with the building services engineers to ensure that the services infrastructure is robust enough to support AV applications, including power and cooling, communications networks and security systems. For example, digital signage in a building may be configured to show emergency messages or evacuation diagrams in case of emergency.

Adding Value to Our Clients’ Operations

Our experts leverage today’s most exciting technologies to help our clients add value, functionality and interactivity to their organizations’ operations. Our individually tailored solutions, matched to business needs and budgets, support communication and knowledge-sharing and encourage collaborative working practices such as video conferencing, which offers the benefits of time savings, reduced travel costs and minimal environmental impact. We are proud to support our clients’ operations with well-designed facilities that deliver optimum performance.