Why pay more than you have to? WSP devises strategic solutions to help clients across all sectors, including energy intensive industries, reduce energy consumption and costs, assess and implement self-supply options, and ensure compliance with complex carbon-driven and energy-related legislation.

Whether you are responsible for an industrial or a manufacturing facility, water and waste water treatment plant, power and energy utilities, a large retail or commercial property portfolio, or are designing a new mixed-use development, WSP’s energy experts can help manage all aspects of your energy use and devise solutions that maximize efficiency and improve long-term reliability. In support of your energy efficiency goals, we can ensure compliance with complex carbon-driven and energy-related legislation, reduce energy consumption and costs, and assess and implement self-supply options. 

We also help clients to address key issues such as planning for increased energy demand, finding the right combination of on-site generation and energy purchasing, and evaluating energy sources and systems, including green technologies. We focus on critical concerns such as protecting and maintaining the power supply, improving energy efficiency and performing upgrades without adverse impacts on facility operations. We also support clients in planning and designing for power resilience to deal with extreme weather.

From Site Surveys to Complete Management Programs

WSP provides everything from feasibility studies and energy audits to cost-benefit calculations, scenario analysis, and more. We also offer strategic advice on energy policy design and evaluations of implemented energy policy measures. Furthermore, we carry out technology procurement (innovative procurement/catalytic procurement) for the development and market introduction of new energy- efficient products and components.

Our specialists understand legal and financial drivers, and they combine this with technical expertise in energy management and clean energy.

Our services include:

  • Energy audits and surveys

  • Detailed pre-investment feasibility studies

  • Automatic meter reading and monitoring and tracking solutions

  • Project implementation and facilitation

  • Change management and technical training

  • Renewable and low-carbon energy strategies

  • Carbon and energy compliance services

  • Certification and verification services

  • Design and implementation services

Proven Impacts

WSP supports clients all around the world in improving their energy performance. In the US, we devised strategies for Pacific Gas & Electric to reduce their energy demand and improve their use of sustainable and renewable energy supplies, helping them to meet their commitment of providing more than 20% of future energy from renewable sources.

In Sweden, one of WSP’s energy experts is working with the BeBo network, an association of real estate owners, to help develop new energy-efficient products and building components and to make effective decisions on energy efficiency across their existing housing stock. This includes, among other things, heat-recovering ventilation systems, various roof and wall insulation and energy-efficient household equipment.