WSP advises on wellsite, flow line and satellite projects, irrespective of size and complexity. We offer cost-effective, best-in-class solutions and work collaboratively with field operations staff to ensure that we engineer facilities that are flexible and reliable.                                     

WSP has extensive experience in the fit-for-purpose design of well sites, flow lines and satellites. From coal beds with dry-flow “suitcase” meters, to high-pressure foothill wells, we consider a variety of factors including production type, regulations, logistics and operational input. When generating a design, we tailor each construction package to client requirements, and ensure that drawings are minimized in order to maximize value. 

Once a design has reached the point of client satisfaction, our templating and standardization systems can be engaged to cost-effectively reproduce designs and construction drawings.

While we offer several project and program delivery methods to ensure that work is delivered successfully, we also provide our oil and gas clients with a wide range of engineering and specialized technical services, including:

  • Separation, Free Water Removal and Three-Phase Measurement
  • Sand Separation
  • Injection Well Sites (including Acid Gas and Water)
  • Hydrocarbon Liquid Storage
  • Produced Water Handling, Filtration, De-Oiling and Storage
  • Polymer Injection
  • Templating and Standardization
  • Field Booster Compression