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“WSP’s reputation is built on the exceptional work of our people and their dedication to our clients and communities.”

Alexandre L’Heureux
President and CEO

International Agility


Enduring projects

Bringing global expertise to our local communities, our approach lies in our commitment to provide forward-thinking advice to help our clients thrive in a changing world.
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World-Class Talent

Meet some of our talented people as they aspire to exemplify WSP’s Guiding Principles.

Thomas Chan

Director, Building MEP 
China Region

“I am very keen to nurture the next generation of engineers, both at WSP and in my role at the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.”

Sharyn Gravelle

National Vice President, Telecom & Technology
Ontario, Canada

“All of our market segments are touched by technology, and it’s fascinating to support our colleagues and clients in understanding its application and being ready for the future.”

Dean McGrail

Director of Property and Buildings
Middle East

“I am passionate about what we do at WSP. I believe we have the best people and we are all driven by a desire to deliver quality on some of the world’s most iconic projects.”

Olivier Joyal

Olivier Joyal

Vice President, Environment (Quebec)
Montreal, Canada

“At WSP, we rely on people. Each of us has a role to play in fulfilling WSP’s goals.” 

Lois Medley

Apprentice In Rail (Stations: Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Team)
London, United Kingdom

“I learn something new every day and have had so many opportunities. I love working on real projects that benefit people’s everyday lives.”

Henry Okraglik

Global Director – Digital, Asia-Pacific
Melbourne, Australia

“The future requires all of us at WSP to understand the impact of new and changing technologies on our clients. We then apply our time, energy and intellect to finding appropriate solutions.”

Invest in WSP

In 2017, we continued to build on our technical capabilities, our quality offering, as well as our ability to seize opportunities. 
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perceive the unexplainable, 
and plan something unbelievable? 

Can we design the unthinkable?

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