Rapid Responses to COVID-19 Impacts

WSP is focused on supporting our clients to control the spread of COVID-19, maintain business continuity and ensure the health and safety of our communities, employees, colleagues, friends and families.

Our priority, like yours, is to keep everyone safe. We appreciate that you are facing significant challenges, and we are committed to combining our high-quality technical capabilities with our deep sector expertise to help you prepare, respond and recover.

Specialist COVID-19 Services


Increased Capacity for Critical and Specialist Healthcare Facility

  • Rapid conversion of non-medical facilities (stadia, convention centres, hotels) into temporary healthcare facilities
  • Design and construction of temporary healthcare and testing facilities, including drive-through testing centres, field hospitals, dormitories for key workers, quarantine facilities
  • Creation/adaptation of negative-pressure rooms for temporary/permanent isolation facilities
  • Design of new/extended healthcare facilities using modularised construction
  • Rapid construction/retrofit of industrial spaces (with production lines and clean-room environments) for production of PPE and medical equipment


For more information, contact Jonathan Ramajoo.


Health, Safety and Environmental Services

  • Decontamination advisory services
  • Hazard assessment advisory services
  • Corporate policy guidance
  • Employer communication advisory services


For more information, contact Chris Urie.


Resiliency Planning

We can use a range of tools, such as scenario analysis, to outline the potential degree and duration of social, economic and operational impacts of COVID-19.


Outputs can be used to plan and deliver actions that increase community and corporate resilience to the current crisis, recover strongly, and build capacity to better withstand future shocks.


For more information, contact Kieran Power.


Secondment of Expert Personnel

WSP employs 50,000 professionals around the world: engineers, biological and environmental scientists, project and programme managers, planners, estimators, and technical and business advisors available to help at a moment’s notice.


We can complement our clients’ existing teams during the crisis. We can rapidly deploy teams of experts of diverse technical background to find innovative solutions to your challenges.


For more information, contact Alana Newbrook.


Program Management

We have dedicated teams with long-standing experience in the management of major national programs and disbursement of funds.


For more information, contact Anthony Korbel.


Planning and Mobility

  • Recovery planning
  • Demand and capacity analysis
  • Travel demand management
  • Transport advisory services (inc. policy development)
  • Tactical infrastructure


For more information, contact Scott Ney.



  • Risk and performance
  • Strategy and policy advice
  • Scenario planning
  • Modelling
  • Resilience planning
  • Human centered design
  • Asset management


For more information, contact Alana Newbrook.

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