Setting Up Projects for Success

WSP/UTS Study 2019.

Australia is experiencing a comprehensive and unprecedented infrastructure boom. Economic development and population growth are fuelling increasing demand for reliable and inclusive essential services – from transport networks to energy, water and telecommunications systems as well as social infrastructure including health, education, public administration, housing and justice facilities.


With more than $300 billion of infrastructure spending committed by commonwealth and state governments, the need to manage infrastructure as a well-functioning system is critical. Yet, as the size, complexity and number of mega-projects grow, so too does the risk of failure.


Widespread shortcomings such as cost-overruns, delays, legal action, community opposition and low success rates are now so pervasive that there is a clear mandate to rethink the way we plan, deliver and operate our infrastructure.


As engineers, construction professionals, business advisers, researchers, financiers and government officials, we have an obligation to find a better way to improve the lives of Australians with quality, accessible and cost-effective services to connect us to jobs, education and each other.



Setting Up Projects for Success

The focus of this piece of joint research between WSP and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) aims to help industry proponents better understand the critical steps we can take to improve both our living standards and national productivity through infrastructure.


We have tapped into the wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge of professionals who have been involved in major public and private projects across Australia and New Zealand.


Our research has established a set of insights on good practice that we can adopt now to ensure infrastructure projects are set up for success.

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