Digital Transformation in Transport & Infrastructure

Learn how WSP digital services experts are helping clients across the globe, each with  different needs and at a different place in their digital transformation journey.

Data Mining, Engineering Solutions in Transport & Infrastructure

Why data Has Become the new currency of business

Across business sectors worldwide, organizations face the challenge of how to manage the ever-expanding volume of information generated by legacy data and newly acquired assets. 

How can businesses capture value amidst all the noise?

Data mining.

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Optimizing Digital Asset Data in Transport & Infrastructure

Using Digital Technology for Smarter Management of Asset Data

Emerging digital technologies continue to revolutionize the ways in which data is collected, stored, presented and leveraged.

By combining existing solutions with new technologies, businesses can manage their digital asset data more efficiently than ever before—improving performance, reducing lifecycle costs and minimizing risk.

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Blending Physical and Digital Worlds in Transport & Infrastructure

Redefining Engineering Processes for Better Builds

Immersive technologies enable forms that could never have been conceived of or built—internal environments that respond intuitively to users, with an unprecedented degree of analysis of design, construction and performance.

The multitude of applications in use and in development are redefining engineering processes, providing leading solutions for every phase of development.

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