New Mobility Helps Shape Customer-Centric Public Transport

The Public Transport Addendum to the New Mobility Now report offers a look at the changing public transport sector in light of the automated, connected, electric and shared aspects of New Mobility—with a focus on bus and rail-based modes.

New Mobility—the bundle of transport, technology and mobility changes already transforming the way we move around, live and interact with each other—will become the bedrock of future transport systems as the 21st century continues to unfold. Evaluating these New Mobility options is an essential part of today’s infrastructure planning.

The Public Transport Addendum addresses the potential for new technologies to facilitate customer-centric services, which are responsive to people’s evolving needs, and business models that bring benefits for the public and private sectors. Equally important, the addendum—based on work WSP is doing the world over—presents key challenges and opportunities for agencies, operators, asset / infrastructure owners, asset maintainers, planners and regulators to consider, as well as recommendations for next steps in New Mobility journeys.

WSP is pleased to introduce The Public Transport Addendum.


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