Last week our global healthcare advisory team met for to discuss global best practices in healthcare and to tackle larger questions about the future of healthcare delivery.  During a two-day meeting at our London HQ colleagues from UK, Germany, Canada, Sweden and US all contributed to the discussion bringing insights and developments in each of their regions to the table.

The discussions ranged from healthcare planning and business case development to project management and estates strategies.  Sweden brought insights from our medical equipment planners and logistics team whilst Canada introduced the team to its exciting Facilities Management Software, FM Ready, and Germany shared their expertise in Project Management.

Andrew Wildgust and Suzanne MacCormick from our UK healthcare advisory team chaired sessions on the changing delivery of healthcare and the impact that has on our designs.  For example, ageing populations – the United Nations estimates the proportion of the worlds population aged over 60 will triple by the end of this century  -  putting tremendous pressures on healthcare systems to provide care for long-term disability, chronic conditions and multiple comorbidities.  Lifestyles will change as people strive to live better for longer. Medical advancements such as Genomics, immunology and Stem will also affect the  future of healthcare.  All these changes and more influence the way we approach our designs to ensure that we provide flexible and adaptable buildings for years to come. Download the brochure to find out more

Steven Goldfarb from our USA team discussed the hot topic of smart healthcare, explaining how, by enhancing digital technologies within hospitals, we can improve the patient experience and increase efficiencies for staff.  The opportunities are endless but the key to getting this right is to focus on what outcomes are required to ensure technology becomes an enabler rather than leveraging tech for tech’s sake.

Paul Sawyers and Jane Ho from the architects, HKS, joined the discussion to describe some of the amazing healthcare projects they have been working on and their approach to creating healing environments for patients.  They also introduced their work with Cadre and their Clinic 20XX paper on designing for an ever-changing present.  Truly inspirational.

One of the highlights of the meeting was a team visit to UCLH’s Proton Beam Therapy unit – a ground-breaking project that we are  very proud to be part of.

Reflecting on the events of this week Simon Kydd, Head of Healthcare for the UK and co-chair of our global healthcare group said:

“This was a fantastic opportunity to build and strengthen our healthcare network and increase our technical excellence in this sector”

It will be very exciting to see how the potential for successfully delivering change in healthcare can be realised by this unique group and to observe the implementation of their ideas on the future of healthcare in the next few years to come.

“It’s fascinating to see how the global healthcare landscape is changing and the similar pressures that affect us across the world. For me this meeting has endorsed our ongoing efforts to  provide an innovative and transformative approach to our work.” Nolan Rome, WSP, Head of Healthcare USA and co-chair of our global healthcare group.

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