This week in Auckland, our acoustics specialist, Charlie Bladon, will present to the Railway Technical Society of Australasia on the effect of train-induced vibration on buildings.

Mr Bladon who has 20 years’ experience as an acoustics, noise and vibration specialist noted that as the density of our cities increases and rail networks expand, vibration has the potential to become a critical issue for our public and private clients.


He explains, “My presentation will reference buildings that have been adversely affected by train-induced ground-borne vibration and the associated reradiated noise.


“In extreme cases induced vibration from new rail lines can render buildings unfit-for-purpose.


“I will explore some methods for mitigating the issue such as track isolation and working with developers to develop full building isolation when the building is supported on springs.” Concluded Mr Bladon.


Conference attendees will experience both typical levels of reradiated noise and the relative effectiveness of various mitigation measures via audio simulation.


Mr Bladon will be available for interview outside of his allocated speaking time.

When: Thursday, 14 July 2016 at 12.15pm
Where: KiwiRail Offices, Level 4 Boardroom, Wellington Railway Station (Please sign in at Level 1 Reception). The presentation will also be via video conference in KiwiRail’s offices, Level 3 Boardroom, 8-14 Stanley Street, Auckland.


About the presenter:

Charlie Bladon has over 20 years’ of experience in the field of acoustics, noise and vibration consultancy. His particular field of expertise is train induced vibration and re-radiated noise. 


During his career he has undertaken numerous assessments of the effect of train-induced vibration on buildings in close proximity to train lines – whether underground, at grade or viaduct. He has undertaken significant research on the response of various building types to train induced vibration.


His experience also includes successfully isolating a number of buildings severely affected by train-induced vibration and he has been involved in the innovative design of vibration mitigation measures including using piles as vibration barriers and sleeving pile foundations.