The Vision Design team at WSP has won a commendation at the Lighting Design Awards (LiDA) in New South Wales for its work on the new, seven-storey, Newcastle Courthouse.

 According to Senior Lighting Designer, Fiona Venn, the team, alongside Cox Richardson Architects and the John Holland Group as building contractor, responded to a clear Department of Justice brief to create an open, accessible and welcoming atmosphere.


‘The Courthouse building is set on a podium wrapped around a main intersection in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD.


‘Our exterior lighting showcases the building’s large expanse of glass and wood and highlights its preeminent position in the city.


‘The interior includes ten courtrooms, two tribunal rooms and public areas that sit alongside a central atrium that is flooded with natural light.


‘Our design objective was to define the internal spaces according to access and use. The temperature of the artificial lighting in the public, front-of-house space is a warm white to provide a welcome, calming atmosphere.


‘Cooler, more neutral lighting, is used in offices and functional areas which also helps people find their way.


‘Decorative pendants and wall lights provide sparkle while washes of warm white light highlight timber finishes to link the interior to the exterior.


‘Delivered within budget, this building is also supported by an energy-efficient and user-friendly control system but I believe its merit lies in how well it merges creativity with form and function,’ Ms Venn concluded.