This week Andrew Leedham was confirmed as the new National President of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM).

Mr Leedham has been actively involved as a member of this industry body for the past 16 years and has held leadership roles at a state and national level for the past 5 years.


Speaking from the 2016 AITPM National Conference in Sydney, Mr Leedham noted the importance of emerging technology in the sector.


‘There is no doubt in my mind that the most significant challenge facing our industry is the rapid development of technology and in particular driverless vehicles.


‘Advances in technology will impact the way we travel and how we manage the infrastructure we provide.


‘The AITPM needs to lead the response to these challenges by facilitating debate, raising awareness and ensuring we have the necessary skills to lead the industry in the right direction,’ commented Mr Leedham.


WSP Integrated Transport Planning, Section Executive, Scott Ney welcomed the appointment.


‘This is a great honour for our business - the appointment recognises Andrew's significant contribution to both the AITPM and to the transport industry in general.


‘It's important that we take a global lead and continue to support key industry bodies such as this, to advance the future of transport in Australia and New Zealand.


‘I’m particularly pleased that WSP has been an advocate and  supporter of the AITPM since its inception 50 years ago,’ concluded Mr Ney.


Mr Leedham leads WSP integrated transport planning business in South Australia and will assume his AITPM responsibilities at the end of the national conference this week.