WSP's General Manager Resources Central, Nick Flanagan, will discuss the benefits of deploying Advanced Modular Solutions (AMS) and explain how South Australia is positioning itself as an intelligent industry cluster and centre of excellence, at three upcoming industry conferences.

As we support the next phase of the AMS initiative in South Australia through our provision of strategic management and business development expertise, Mr Flanagan believes that the untapped potential of the sector is significant: 


‘It is estimated that Australia's modular construction sector (AMC) is valued at $4.5B and represents 3% of the overall construction industry. By comparison, in Sweden, AMC accounts for 70% of the industry underscoring the importance of this innovative approach to project delivery.


‘We clearly have the potential to grow our AMS initiative both in South Australia and nationally by straddling a range of sectors such as defense, buildings and renewables in addition to mining and resources.


‘Our pilot projects delivered this year, point to enhanced delivery and quality outcomes; reduced capital and operating costs and improved social license and community benefits.


‘An increased focus on AMS, particularly in South Australia, provides clear dividends in terms of strengthening our local industry-base and providing us with a niche export opportunity as we transition away from traditional manufacturing.


“From a project perspective, AMS can reduce execution risk and strengthen a business case by reducing capital cost, operating cost and time to market,’ concluded Mr Flanagan.


Event information:

  • GMUSG & SACOME Conference and Trade Expo, Port Pirie, Thursday 18 August at 9.00am:  Session 4: Mining Services and Defence Industries.
  • 7th Annual Modular Construction and Prefabrication Australia 2016, Pullman King George’s Square, Brisbane,  22 August at 10.50am: ‘Innovation and Advanced Modular Solutions in South Australia.’
  • SA Resources Industry Innovation Summit (SACOME), Adelaide Convention Centre, Riverbank Rooms, Friday 23 September, 12.00pm: ‘Advanced Modular Solutions – local opportunities enabling innovative modular solutions.’