This week, Anthony Domanti, Principal Water Engineer, will share his insights on the Alfred Street pump station project with the Pump Industry Australia (PIA) in Brisbane.

Mr Domanti’s paper titled Learnings from Pump Witness Testing - A German Experience will explore the pump station upgrade in Logan City and the process of witness testing at the head factory located in Halle, Germany.


‘Sharing the key learnings on an important project like the Alfred Street pump station project will provide others with key knowledge to ensure incorrect pump selections are avoided.


‘The discussion will address important areas such as common industry misinterpretations of Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH), as well as how to clearly document pump testing requirements to avoid misunderstandings,’ Mr Domanti said.


The General Meeting will offer an opportunity for industry professionals and PIA members to explore key topics of interest and generate meaningful discussion about current and future developments in the industry.


When: 9 February 2016, 4.30 pm

Where: Pump Industry Australia, Riverside Receptions, 50 Oxlade Drive, New Farm, QLD 4005