WSP has welcomed Steve Cooley to head up its asset management and network performance team in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Cooley brings extensive asset and network management experience to the firm and draws on 25 years of strategic, tactical and operational practice in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.


WSP's General Manager Transport Services, Richard Boggon, welcomed the senior appointment noting it was in line with our business strategy to grow our asset management capability.


‘Steve has spent the bulk of his career in the UK managing contracts and businesses that covered some of the first controlled / managed motorway systems developed by the Highways Agency, including the M25 (London Orbital Motorway) and the M42 the first Managed Motorway scheme.


'He has experience across a range of different environments with responsibilities for incorporated and unincorporated strategic joint ventures, business units and streams.


‘In his new role with us, Steve will identify business growth opportunities, build the team and grow its capacity and capability’concluded Mr Boggon.


Steve is currently the deputy chairperson of the Roads Australia Network Reliability Chapter and has previously been involved in the Highways Agency Maintenance Community and the Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA) in the UK.


Mr Cooley commenced in his role on Monday 30 May 2016.