Today in Auckland, WSP's New Zealand Client Director, Derek McCoy, will share his insight into the importance of developing common indicators to determine value in project delivery.

Speaking from the Transport NZ Summit & Infrastructure 2016 conference, Mr McCoy stressed the importance of adopting an holistic approach when assessing project value.


‘Key to the exercise of value definition is working collaboratively with the client and other stakeholders to clearly understand delivery objectives.


‘We need to know why a project is being delivered to understand how it, and how we as a team, can provide the best-value solution.


‘This involves looking at the wider context in which a project is being delivered and project parameters to understand how we can add value at each stage.’


The Transport NZ Summit & Infrastructure 2016 conference is being held on 30th and 31st August at the Stamford Plaza, Auckland.


Presentations will focus on investing, developing and managing critical freight and public transport networks and infrastructure to derive optimum value from investment.


Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 4.05pm: Value is in the eye of the client and how it differs for each project. Presented by Derek McCoy, WSP Client Director – New Zealand.