As the Project Management Contractor for the Roy Hill Project, WSP is proud to see the team receive the Australian Mining Prospect Award for Excellence in Environmental Management.

WSP Managing Director Property, Environment & Resources Andrew Mather commented on the award-win, "Given the scope of this $10 billion mega project, thousands of approvals and environmental permits had to be secured along with a range of environmental management initiatives.


"The team used a number of approaches to mitigate environmental risk, including the use of an innovative above-ground traveller methodology for construction of the overland conveyor at the port. This minimised the impact on mangrove trees, which, on completion, saved 85% of the clearing allocation approved by the EPA.


"Other features in the environmental management plan include the use of an SMS dust alert system to signal high dust levels at speed, helping to counter the community impact and an extensive fauna survey, trapping and relocation program to protect creatures such as the Mulgara, Bilby and Northern Quoll," concluded Mr Mather.


About the project

Roy Hill is currently ramping up production to achieve its 55 million tonnes per annum production capacity.


The project has been designed and constructed to ensure that production costs are in the lowest quartile of iron production worldwide.


More than 25,000 direct construction workers were engaged and over 37.9 million hours were worked during the construction phase.