Safe Work Australia champions National Safe Work Month which it marks in October of every year.

Here at WSP we work all year round to increase awareness of work health and safety issues but have nominated 24 October – 28 October as our safety week across Australia and New Zealand during National Safe Work Month.


During the week we'll focus on our key safety priorities for 2016 and our offices will take part in a range of Safety Week activities. We'll also highlight how we are working to mitigate the risk of fatigue and collision-related driving accidents and announce new health and wellbeing initiatives for our people.


Safety Week Spotlight - Vehicle Safety

Road crashes are the most common form of work-related injuries across Australia & New Zealand.


During 2016, our CEO and President for Australia New Zealand, Guy Templeton, set up a Vehicle Safety Working Group (VSWG) to develop concrete strategies to improve vehicle safety and positively impact on our driver behaviour- both at work and in our down-time.


The working group is currently:

  • Investigating technology and equipment options that can be fitted to vehicles or deployed by our people to reduce the incidence of fatigue and collision-related events. Technology and support options being assessed and considered include fatigue monitoring systems, collision mitigation systems, etc.
  • Identifying appropriate training/education designed to support safer driving techniques
  • Collaborating to design suitable controls or implement strategies where needed, to mitigate against road accidents.