Tomorrow in Seoul, South Korea, WSP Senior Wind Engineer, Benjamin Inkster will present at the Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo.

Mr Inkster’s presentation will outline the findings from a validation study conducted by WSP Canada and highlight preliminary indicative results from an ongoing validation study on wake losses across several operational on-shore wind farms.


In his presentation, Mr Inkster will provide an update on WSP's use of  current technology to improve wake modelling accuracy.


WSP General Manager Power, Paul Williams, explained the significance of this study.


‘For a wind farm, wake losses account for  the single greatest loss of energy but are hard to predict and are often the  least well understood variable.


‘WSP continues to improve and adapt methodologies for wake modelling based on our own internal research, validation and proprietary methods,’ said Mr Williams.


Mr Inkster believes the study will contribute to debate in  the renewable energy industry.


‘The study will serve as a reminder to industry professionals to respect the uncertainty of these calculations and treat them with greater care,’ said Mr Inkster.


The Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo forms part of Asia Power Week, Asia’s premier power industry event. The global conference provides a platform and opportunity for renewable energy experts to discuss issues and share knowledge.


When: 20 – 22 September 2016

Where: Renewable Energy World Asia 2016 Conference, Kintex, Seoul, South Korea

Tuesday, 20 September, 11:00am: Benjamin Inkster, Technical Manager, Wind Engineering - On-Shore Wake Validation Study: Wake Analysis Based on Production Data