Adrian Heggie, Principal Scientist and Technical Executive, WSP Australia will be presenting a paper titled ‘New Alternative Methods for Soil Vapour Measurement’ at the Australasian Land & Groundwater Association’s 4th Contaminated Land Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in April 2017.

Mr Heggie’s presentation looks at innovative methods of soil vapour measurement and the challenges faced to gain their acceptance. Soil vapour measurement has followed firstly soil then later groundwater as a focus for assessing health risks and site suitability at contaminated sites. Although the industry is still in the formative stage of vapour measurement methodology and process development, a decade or more of vapour investigations and experience in the implementation of regulations and guidelines has led to the development of improved methods and revised approaches.


Following a background in atmospheric science Mr Heggie has worked in contaminated land management for the past 22 years. He is responsible for project management and technical direction for contamination assessment, management and remediation projects for the contaminated land management group in NSW. He has particular skills and knowledge in the assessment of organic contaminants in soil, groundwater and vapour and in carrying out human health risk assessments.


Mr Heggie also has extensive experience and expertise in the air quality measurement technology and has served as the Australian industry representative on the Peer Review Committee for the Ambient Air NEPM and the Air Toxics Equivalence Working Group. He has provided expert evidence in the Land and Environment Court on contaminated land issues. He regularly provides advice to clients on strategies for the management or remediation of significantly contaminated land.


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