Kristy Ferguson joined the WSP Digital team in 2010 and is a Senior Business Analyst based at our Melbourne office.

Kristy’s career progression with the business is a great source of personal achievement. Having no technical background, and degree in Environmental Science instead of IT, Kristy says ‘Starting out as a Product Manager, whilst on the job, I’ve learnt to understand the trade and our industry. I’ve followed what I’ve enjoyed.’


Kristy’s great strength in the digital sector is her ability to operate as the middle contact between the technical staff and the client. Kristy says ‘I’m the contact that speaks the technical language of the experts as well as the language of the client. I gather information from the client, which I translate into requirements for software, then I work with our development team to build the client what they need. Being able to effectively operate between the two groups of people is key for my role.’


She continues, ‘Technology changes quicker than we do, so adaptability is everything. Not being locked into particular technical solutions has allowed me the flexibility to adapt over time.’


For Kristy, her career highlight came from working with a government agency to build an innovative software platform for schools across the state to analyse and compare recycling and resource use. The software, the first of its kind in Australia, has saved schools a significant amount of money.


Kristy’s passion beyond IT lies in her love of adventure. ‘I’m a keen skier, every year my husband and I will go to either Mt Hotham or Queenstown. I’d love to make it to Canada one day’ she says.


Beyond her love for skiing, Kristy is happily enjoying life as a full time mother and a part-time artist.