WSP has patented an innovative cooling system that looks to solve the key challenge plaguing the modern data centre industry: heat. Karl Luck, Director, Head of Power Systems at WSP, and his team have come up with a unique cooling solution that optimizes energy efficiency through floating set point controls and fresh air cooling.

The challenge of processing huge volumes of data, generating a huge amount of heat, is one in which even the biggest players in the market are still investing heavily to try and find the solution.

“Over recent years there’s been a drive away from direct cooling systems because they are not energy-efficient,” says Luck.

Usual data centre designs include cooling systems with an important flaw – they have fixed set points that don’t allow for any adaptability regarding external environmental factors.

“Our solution optimizes energy efficiency by adjusting the amount of direct fresh air and humidity in the system while factoring in external factors such as the weather”, says Luck.

To find more about this solution, read the full interview with Karl Luck in Business Review Europe magazine.