In Auckland, the discussion about the disruptive technologies that will challenge and re-shape our transport system just got hotter.

US-based Manager for Sustainable Transportation, Lauren Isaac, and Global Director for Digital, Henry Okraglik, are speaking at the NZCID Building Nations Symposium 2016.


Mr Okraglik says the pace of change is only set to escalate, 'I believe that we are on the cusp of another technology revolution that will make the Internet revolution of the late 1990s look trivial with The Internet-of-Things set to revolutionise transport and infrastructure in particular.


'We are already seeing early indicators of what is to come.  App-based ride services such as Uber; innovative ride-share programs and multi-modal, real-time travel information are already transforming how we commute, work and live.


‘We are also creating new business models that change how we manage user information and payments, integration and automation,’ said Mr Okraglik.


According to Manager for Sustainable Transportation, Lauren Isaac, connected and autonomous vehicles (C/AV) have the potential to profoundly change how we commute and how we plan our infrastructure in towns and cities.


‘Our brave new AV-world will be either a nightmare or utopia, depending on the amount of vehicle sharing we road users are prepared to accept.


‘Striking a balance between guarding public safety while regulating insurance/liability and encouraging investment in research and development will also be critically important.


‘Government has a key role to play in facilitating the adoption of appropriate technologies to meet our transportation and mobility needs now and into the future,’ said Ms Isaac.


About NZCID and the Building Nations Symposium 2016

The New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development is the respected peak infrastructure body in New Zealand at the forefront of infrastructure development issues. The Council promotes best practice in national infrastructure development through research, advocacy and public and private sector collaboration with a diverse membership base drawn from equity owners, service providers, public sector agencies, and major infrastructure users.


The focus of the 2016 NZCID Building Nations Symposium is the ‘Future of Infrastructure,’ examining the implications of future mobility, the future of work, smart cities and smart infrastructure.


When: Thursday 20 October, 8.45am Panel Discussion: ‘Disruptive Technology in Transportation’   WSP Lauren Isaac and Henry Okraglik.

Where: ANZ Viaduct Events Centre, 161 Halsey St, Auckland 1010.