To be successful in any field, aspiring professionals require role models and guidance.

This is especially true in our business where transferring technical knowledge and management skill is needed to develop well-rounded experts and strategic advisors that can deliver the transformational projects that will help our communities thrive.


Mentoring at WSP can benefit everyone. As well as helping the mentee develop and advance their career, the mentor can gain extra skills and understanding from the partnership. But what about mentoring someone external to the firm?


That’s exactly what Victor Cantone, WSP’s Section Executive for Water SA and VIC has been doing. For the past four years, he has been mentoring Rowan Steele, Asset Planner at SA Water. As one of our key clients, SA Water and WSP have a long history of partnering on many major water programs.


“I’ve been mentoring Rowan since October 2013,” says Victor. “I’m used to mentoring people within my own team, but mentoring somebody from another organisation is really refreshing. It gives me the opportunity to think outside of the WSP space and apply some of my learnings and knowledge to support a colleague who is also a client.”


With Victor’s guidance, Rowan has been able to navigate and achieve professional success whilst maintaining a work-life balance.


Read more about the mutual benefits of their mentoring partnership in the recent edition of Australian Water Association’s Current magazine here.