Alex Staak joined WSP as a Senior Structural Engineer for Property in 2016.

Working out of the Adelaide office, Alex says ‘I joined the business for the opportunity to work on large scale projects. I specifically wanted to learn more about new technologies and also to be a part of a growing economy here in Adelaide.’


Alex continues ‘In my short time here I can already see that the core values of the business align with my own and where I want to go. The investment into staff development has allowed for amazing learning opportunities.’


Her involvement on the 5 Collins Square project in Melbourne, has allowed for Alex to demonstrate her skills in problem solving and innovative thinking. Alex says ‘Having global experts at your fingertips willing to teach and pass on knowledge is amazing. The privilege to work on such an iconic development in Melbourne, from Adelaide, is a huge thrill and a key reason as to why this is the most rewarding project I have worked on to date.’


Alex says, ‘My most valued achievement is buying and living in my own home by the age of 25. I live with my husband, 4 cats and a dog. I take a lot of inspiration from my mum who managed to juggle a full time career, studying an MBA and raising my sister and I, all as a single parent. She taught me that there is never a task too great.’


She continues ‘I also love spending time in nature, taking my dog on long walks along the beach and knitting.’