The design and construction of steel-concrete composite structures is evolving.

Starting today at the 8th Australian Small Bridges Conference, WSP and Main Roads Western Australia will share their experience in designing and building the first bridge using composite dowel strips in Australia.


Wolfram Schwarz, WSP’s Technical Executive and WA Team Leader for Transport Structures explained the benefits of the unique design, which sees the use of prefabricated composite beams for bridge superstructures.


He says, “This innovative method was researched, developed and trialled in Europe, where it resulted in numerous construction advantages and financial savings in the development of several hundred bridges.


“It sees the replacement of shear studs with composite dowel strips, combining advantages of filler beams with pre-fabrication processes.


“The pilot project in WA is the first time this approach has been implemented in Australia, and it has been identified as a viable alternative to standard composite beams and T-Roff/Super-T girders.


The result is improved cost effectiveness and sustainability of bridge structures by eliminating cost-intensive detailing required for traditionally constructed steel-concrete composite bridges.”


Mr Schwarz will be presenting alongside Mr Neil Westmacott, WSP’s Principal Engineer for Transport Structures at the conference, which will be held from 27-28 November 2017 at the Surfers Paradise Marriott in Queensland.