The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association’s 4th Contaminated Land Conference in Auckland, New Zealand from the 4th to the 6th of April will see experts from across ANZ discuss a variety of topical Environmental issues.

Shane Giliam, an experienced engineer with the WSP contaminated land management team, will present his paper titled ‘Novel Field Application of a Small Scale Treatment Trial’.


Augmenting existing microbial populations in groundwater in an ex-situ trial successfully treated petroleum hydrocarbon impacted groundwater. The treatment trials were implemented as part of groundwater augmentation works to overcome “biological stalling” within a stable groundwater plume at a former chemical manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia.


Whilst intended for groundwater treatment, the trials suggested a novel application for treating soil impacts within gravel fill at the site.


Shane Giliam, Environmental Engineer, WSP is based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s been the beneficiary of working at probably the most interesting contaminated land site in the world for the last 6 years. Shane is particularly interested in microbes and making them go, as well as other forms of remediation, good quality site investigation and delivering value for money for his client.


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