Going from one place to another has never been so easy. We have more options than ever before, with businesses like Uber and other car sharing models adding services to established transit systems.

The future of transport looks more than promising, with new technology enabling automated mobility. Yes, the world of transportation is thriving. And WSP is at the forefront of these changes on many fronts. We are leading trials on automated and connected vehicles in the US, we are conducting studies on congestion in Sweden, and we are actively participating in the ITS Congress in Montreal, Canada from October 29 to November 2, 2017.

WSP experts from Australia, Canada, Sweden, the UK and the US will be taking part in discussions about intelligent transport and what needs to happen now around the world if we want to profit from New Mobility.

  • Scott Benjamin (Australia) - Using ITS to Make Work zones Smarter and Safer, on October 29

  • Steven Green (UK) - Smart City Business Models and Scenarios, on October 29 Kathleen Swindler (USA) - Data, Security and Privacy, on October 29

  • Mara Bullock (Canada) - Preparing for Automated Vehicles, on October 30

  • Ryan Williams (USA) - Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, on October 30.

  • Dirk van Amelsfort (Sweden) – Ridesharing in Smart Cities, on November 1.

  • Daniel Haufschild (Canada) and Ian Patey (UK) - International Perspectives on Technology Shifts and Collaboration Between Public and Private Sectors, on November 2

  • Ron Pati (USA) - C/AV Deployment issues, on November 2.

For all the details, please read the program from ITS.

Insights on New Mobility

This year, we have interviewed hundreds of international industry experts from transportation organizations, transit authorities, technology providers, and we come to one conclusion: we have reached a tipping point and we now need to take action. Our routes and places, and how we look at them, must evolve to respond to the reality of new mobility. In our mind, collaboration is key to maximizing returns for everyone and generating faster change towards productive New Mobility outcomes.

At WSP, we want to support progress towards the best possible outcomes for the future of our cities, suburbs and rural centres, and the routes between them. That is why we will be at ITS Montreal, and at many other events about the future of transportation.

Update: On Monday October 30th, WSP released a ground breaking White Paper on New Mobility, with insights from experts from around the world.

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