Angela Hein: Senior Safety, Health & Environment Advisor for WSP’s ANZ Business.

Angela Hein joined WSP in 2015 as a Senior Safety, Health and Environment Advisor for Australia and New Zealand. Based in Sydney, Angela’s passion is simple, “I want to make safety fun and accessible for everyone.”


Angela says “I see myself as an educator of safety, I want to improve people’s knowledge and for it to become second nature to all. My goal is to ensure all employees go home to their families at night.”


She continues, “I think the buy in from the business and its leaders has made real progress possible, developing online training courses available to all our staff is a key example of this and a proud personal achievement.”


Safety is always at the forefront of Angela’s mind. A previous back injury limiting her exercise options led her to her newest passion, Power Lifting. She says “my goal is to compete in a competition and gain another medal for the collection, even if it is just for participation. I live and breathe safety so much that I have employed a coach to teach me the correct technique, build my strength and ensure I reduce the likelihood of further injury.”


If contending in power lifting competitions wasn’t enough for Angela, she also enjoys a passion for adventure racing. “I’ve competed in obstacle course events such as the Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Stampede. The next obstacle is Tough Mudder.’


Inspiration and discipline resonate in Angela’s words, “Find your passion, get fully behind it and don’t let anything get in the way of you achieving that.”