Susie Pearson brings about change with an aura of positivity.

Associate for Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), Susie Pearson joined the business in January 2013. Based in our Melbourne office Susie says, “I’m passionate about bringing change to the safety standards of Australian businesses.”


When speaking of her time with the business, Susie says, “It’s great that EHS sits across the full multi-disciplinary aspect of the business, which provides a wide variety of different projects for me to work on. I’ve had the opportunity to manage projects from abattoirs to major Australian power stations.”


“The levels of professionalism with which safety is regarded is constantly evolving and maturing. In the never-ending management of EHS, hazard awareness and control is imperative to creating safer work places as well as the empowerment of individuals to take ownership of their own safety,” says Susie.


Originally joining our Brisbane Environment team, Susie moved to Melbourne in July 2017 to be closer to her family.


Family plays a major part of Susie’s life beyond her career ambitions. In 2014, Susie started the ‘Happy in Your Heart’ online community forum aimed at bringing together families who had been affected by congenital heart defects. Susie says, “In what has been a challenging time for my own family amongst others, Happy in your Heart strives to give support to all those affected and aims to help make a difference by bringing out the positives in life.”


Sourcing inspiration from other mothers who juggle family, life and career, Susie concludes, “Always take the positives in life, don’t stress about things you don’t need to worry about. The glass is always half full.”


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