In alignment with our commitment to supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers, Wasim Hekmat, joined our Power team in Melbourne as part of an eight-week summer cadetship in December, 2017.

In his second year of studying Aeronautical Engineering at Monash University, Wasim is gaining practical and relevant experience with us through the Smith Family and Business Council of Australia’s Cadetship to Career program.


Launched in 2017, the program is designed to help young people make the most of their education and prepare them for the future. WSP is one of the Business Council of Australia employers providing several cadetships to students this year.


Wasim’s passion for aeronautics began at a young age. He developed a fascination for toy helicopters and the world’s fastest ever plane, the American Blackbird SR71 (recorded at 3,500 km/h in 1976). “My reasons for studying aeronautical engineering were pretty simple: I loved planes and I wanted to apply my maths and science skills to air and space travel. In short, I want to create something like the Blackbird – something that is so far beyond our technical capabilities right now – that it is unimaginable. Simple, right?”


It is this steely determination that makes Wasim’s story so incredible. Beginning a relationship with The Smith Family in his final year of primary school, he drew on the organisation’s support to complete his studies.


The Smith Family is a charity helping disadvantaged Australian children get the most out of their education.


Providing him with financial assistance throughout secondary and tertiary education, Wasim says, “The Smith Family was a massive help to me growing up. It gave me the ability to learn free of financial stress and it has paved the way for me to chase my dreams. What the organisation does is extremely helpful and I honestly can’t speak highly enough of them.”


Today, Wasim is one step closer to realising his aspirations. Working in our Power team and focusing on renewable energy, he says, “There are a number of similarities between aeronautics and in particular wind-powered energy. I am enjoying the challenge – I have had the chance to draw on my knowledge of air and wind to add value to the Power group.


“Working at WSP has been a great experience so far. I have gained practical experience, albeit in an adjacent field. It’s a great leg up for a second-year student like me. Having a well-rounded skillset is an excellent advantage for my career going forward. Who knows, I may decide to stay in the power sector!


“Overall, there are always opportunities out there for those who want to advance their careers. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own destiny. If you’re willing to put in the effort, success will come,” concludes Wasim.


Click here to find out more about The Smith Family and the Business Council of Australia’s Cadetship to Career program.


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