In alignment with our commitment to supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers, Hashini Ratnayake Gamage, joined our Sustainability team in Melbourne as part of an eight-week summer cadetship in December, 2017. 

In her third year of studying a double degree in Sustainable Systems Engineering and Industrial Design at RMIT, Hashini is gaining practical and relevant experience with us through the Smith Family and the Business Council of Australia’s Cadetship to Career program.


Launched in 2017, the program is designed to help young people make the most of their education and prepare them for the future. WSP is one of the Business Council of Australia employers providing several cadetships to students this year.


Beginning her career in our Sustainability team Hashini says, “Although only eight weeks, working mainly on property-based projects, this placement is a great way to broaden my experience and gain exposure in a field I’m not completely familiar with. Being able to slowly begin the transition from University to a full-time professional role is one of the key benefits of this experience.”


Having excelled in maths, science and visual communications at high school, Hashini decided the best way to make the most of her strengths was to opt for a double degree. She says, “Choosing Sustainable Systems Engineering was the best fit for me. It allowed me to pursue my interests in sustainability and industrial design. Two years into my course and I’m pretty happy where I am today.”


Hashini’s desire to reach for the stars in her learning has been boosted through a long running relationship with The Smith Family, a charity that helps disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education. Her relationship began with the organisation when her family first moved to Australia from Sri Lanka in 2006.


She says, “My parents first heard about the service in the latter stages of my primary school years. They needed assistance and reached out to them. It has been a fantastic experience working with The Smith Family and I’m grateful for the opportunities and the doors that have opened as a result. They’ve assisted with things such as textbooks and uniforms and the transition from high school to university, and now into full-time employment through the Cadetship to Careers program.”


Looking ahead to 2020 and the conclusion of her degree, Hashini says, “Considering how quickly the discipline of sustainability is evolving and changing, I’m excited about how much there is to learn and the potential for the industry to develop further. It is definitely a path I’m considering more and more for my future.”


Click here to find out more about The Smith Family and the Business Council of Australia’s Cadetship to Career program.


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