The topic of renewable energy deployment and holistic system integration is generating robust discussion and debate across all stakeholders. 

Presenting today at the 5th Wind Industry Forum, Heather Hurree, WSP’s Technical Manager – Wind Engineering, Power, will address the key considerations linked with wind farm life extension and repowering.


“As of today, more than four gigawatts of wind assets have been installed in Australia with almost 20 per cent of them operating at over 10 years,” explains Ms Hurree. “The question that most asset owners need to address is whether the end of the design life of a wind farm equates to the end of its useful life. For example, can the turbines be kept operating for longer?


“There are some clear benefits associated with either repowering or extending the life of a wind farm as it represents a chance for wind farm owners to recoup some of their investment. However, the associated risks also can be quite high. A balance between the economic, environmental and safety considerations needs to be achieved during the decision-making process.”  


To date, Ms Hurree has been involved in a range of activities including pre-construction energy predictions for investors and financiers as well as various developer support activities for several projects across Australia, New Zealand, India and southeast Asia. She also has significant experience with the assessment of operating wind farms, including: financial-grade energy assessments based on operational data, wind farm extension analyses, reconciliation analyses, wind farm performance reviews and availability audits. 


The Clean Energy Council’s Wind Industry Forum is a preeminent annual event that brings wind industry professionals together to share insight, discuss issues and network. WSP is proud to continue our annual event support through sponsorship.


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