At WSP we go to extraordinary lengths to attract, develop, engage and retain the best professionals in our fields of expertise. 

As the future leaders of our business, the investment in our young professionals is no different. We firmly believe they bring a fresh perspective, great ideas and a new energy to the firm.


As such, we take great pleasure in announcing Emiliana Soulio as the 2018 Playford Trust Scholarship recipient.


As a proud partner of the Trust for more than 7 years, WSP awards a scholarship for any student in the fields of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical engineering and environmental science worth up to $7,000. Established over 30 years ago, the Playford Trust was designed as a means of enticing students into strategic fields important to South Australia (SA). Today these include science, technology, engineering and mathematics amongst others.


Gaining placement in our Resources team, Emiliana was under the leadership of Nick Flanagan, General Manager, Resources Central.


He says, “The Resources and Energy team have greatly benefitted from Emiliana’s enthusiasm, proactive approach and fresh energy. She seamlessly picked up the pace of our business and in return was able to gain invaluable experience that will help her kick-start her career in whatever path she chooses.”


Emiliana says, “Being awarded the scholarship was a huge thrill. Having heard about it through last year’s recipient, Molly O’Callaghan, I thought – why not?”


Reflecting on the value of the scholarship, Emiliana believes the exposure to business development opportunities was unique. She says, “The experiences that I drew from my colleagues and mentors were genuine, strategic and extremely rewarding. This valuable industry experience will help me approach the remainder of my degree with a new appreciation of the real-world applications of my studies.”


A highly accomplished and determined student, Emiliana has two years remaining on her double degree. She is studying a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Finance, including a Diploma in Languages in Mandarin at the University of Adelaide.


She says, “By diversifying my education I believe I am equipping myself with a broad range of skills necessary to help create a real and substantial change to the world we live in. I aspire to be a leader and want to advocate the value of increasing gender diversity in technical fields.”


Building Momentum

Having written about our 2017 Scholarship recipient, Molly O’ Callaghan here, we took the opportunity to catch up with her.


  Playford Trust 2017

Left to right: Matt Salisbury, Molly O'Callaghan, The Hon Dean Brown AO. Credit: The Playford Trust


Reflecting on her scholarship, Molly says, “I was given the opportunity to work on some really great projects that accelerated the progression of my technical skills as well as my ‘soft’ skills. From day one WSP empowered me to take my career down the path I wanted, which spoke a lot about the culture of the firm.”


In February 2018, Molly began her career with WSP on a full-time basis, securing a role in our SA Water team.


She says, “Joining the WSP Graduate program was a no-brainer. The experience I received from the Playford Trust Scholarship was an opportunity that money can’t buy, and when the full-time role was offered it was easy to say yes!”


For more information on the WSP Playford Trust Scholarship click here.


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