Senior Project Engineer for Rail Systems, Georgina Hartwell, has been appointed Vice Chair of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) Australasia.

The IRSE Australasia is the professional body for railway signalling and systems engineers, which facilitates the growth and safety of the rail industry through the promotion of professional standards in the technology and management of railway signalling, communications and control systems.


Georgina says, “I’ve been involved with IRSE Australasia since 2015 and I’ve enjoyed the organisation’s refreshing approach to the progression of engineering.


“I’ve had the IRSEA’s full support from the get-go, and members with varying levels of experience have recognised my potential and ability, which has been very inspiring.


“This represents a move forward and I am excited about working to develop rail in the digital space. I see this as a real opportunity to help signalling progress as a capability. 


“I want to use this chance to continue the international Digital Railway Forum that my mentor Paul Bates (former Director, Digital Railway, WSP UK) started before he sadly passed away late last year. Something he always inspired me to do was to influence how we shape emerging engineers, and the IRSE Australasia is strongly aligned with this vision, introducing a host of initiatives geared at graduate training and supporting their path to chartership.”


Georgina, who is IRSE Australasia’s first female Vice Chair, joined WSP in Australia in early 2017 after having worked on Thameslink and HS2 in the United Kingdom. During her time with the company, she has worked on European Train Control Systems projects in Brisbane and Sydney as well as Melbourne’s Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal project, providing technical advice.


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