WSP Mentors Future Engineers

WSP hosted 13 first-year engineering students from Swinburne University’s Engineering Practice Academy at our Melbourne office last week.

The degree has been co-designed with industry partners including WSP to bridge the gap between graduate skills and industry needs. The four-year program aims to help the next generation of engineers to tackle the challenges of the 21st century as soon as they graduate.


Andrew Barker, Major Projects Executive for Transport in Victoria has played a key role in the program to date.


“I was really interested to be part of university’s industry working group which was setup to develop the Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours) degree. The idea is that students work as part of a team in an engineering practice, undertaking a series of projects where they learn the necessary technical and non-technical skills needed in the workplace. It is essentially on the job training and learning delivered in a controlled academic environment. 


“The development of the program is supported by Engineers Australia. WSP is proud to be an industry partner and I am excited to be a mentor to the first cohort of students going through the course.”


The highlight of the students’ visit to the WSP office was a hands-on demonstration of the virtual reality room where they explored the inside of a Collins Street office building. 


“Looking ahead, we will continue to partner with the university to help develop the engineers of the future,” adds Mr Barker. “The university is looking for ideas around future projects that students could get involved with and deliver around the four themes of: smart cities, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and people, and products designed for people.”


If you are interested in being involved in this program or have a project that students could assist with, please contact Andrew Barker


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