Collaboration is Key

WSP is pleased to welcome Philip Massey as our new Defence Lead.

As the firm looks to expand its capability in this high-growth sector, Mr Massey brings 30 years of experience including the last decade as a Business Development representative.


Wayne Bretherton, Director of Property & Buildings, ANZ says, “Philip will make a great addition to our business. His dedication and proactive attitude to forming long-standing relationships will serve us well as we look to capture a larger share of the defence portfolio.”


Leveraging his proven track record for balancing innovation, quality and technical excellence, Philip will be responsible for driving the high-performance culture of the team across our fully integrated services offering.


Mr Massey says, “I’m a firm believer in the value of client centricity. For me, collaboration is key. It’s about following stakeholders, contractors and industry partners on their journey that helps to forge long-term partnerships and mutually-beneficial outcomes.” 


Central to Mr Massey’s role is WSP’s strategic focus for defence that anticipates growth to be forged through five key pillars; fit-for-purpose, safety and security, resource planning, sustainability and effective governance.


Mr Bretherton continues, “We have had a long history with Defence right across Australia that has included the delivery of environmental, building design, project management and master planning services across a broad range of projects. Through our association, we have developed a thorough understanding that projects must be cost-effective and innovative as well as advance and protect the interests and safety of all Australians.”


Mr Massey adds, “In what is an exciting period for the firm, I’m eager to help grow WSP’s strength in the defence market. There is a clearly defined strategic plan that is future-focused and challenges the status quo.”


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