Cause for a Worthy Celebration

At WSP, our knowledge and experience sets us apart and allows us to drive change and innovation through our projects.

Celebrating the achievements of our outstanding professionals is an important part of our team culture. We are pleased to announce that 62 WSP people have recently been named Fellows of Engineers Australia (EA).


As one of the highest honours an engineer can receive from EA, the title of Fellow has been bestowed to the following WSP professionals in 2018:


Name Name Name Name
Bradley Allsopp Lincoln Davis Robert Kingsland John Prest
Amie Aldred Nathan Dang Andrew Kindred Klaus Pollmeier
Bradley Allsopp Lincoln Davis Robert Kingsland John Prest
Dean Baker Rene Du Buisson Nicholas Kyprios David Rotton
David Bellingham Mark Dumont Weiwei Li Graham Paul Royle
Lance Bichard Daniel Gallagher Alvin Lim Martin Rudge
Richard Bromilow Andrew Gallagher Boris Marynycz John Skirrow
Colin Bruce Stewart Garden Richard Maxwell Dion Turner
Stephen Burkitt Paul Gaylard Adrian Megaw Karl Umlauff
Malcolm Busby Alastair Howard Henryk Michalkow Bhupatindra Vaidya
Jiun-I Chai Aditya Jha Shereen Mikhail Steven Wichelo
Ian Chase Peter Kartsidimas Stephen Mufute Dave Wong
Sanjoy Chatterjee Richard Kaser Brian Norris Bo Xu
James Chen David Kent David Norris Ee Hieng Yii
Ravin Chinniah Karen Brakell Brendan O'Brien Andrea Faulkner
Adrian Chuma Lopine Khawand Richard Page Ramon Dallen
Rob Clarke Robert Kilgour


Dean Toomey, WSP’s Director for Water says, “It takes years of hard work, dedication and excellence in the engineering profession to receive a Fellowship from EA.


“To have such a large contingent of industry-recognised fellows this year, demonstrates that we have the best professionals in our fields of expertise working at WSP. It shows that our extraordinary efforts to develop, engage and retain the very best is working.


“As a firm, we are extremely proud of our people’s achievements. They embody the values that underpin our success and complement your outstanding service to our clients.” 
As part of the criteria to receiving a Fellowship, applicants must demonstrate to a judging panel that they have:

  • Held a sustained major responsibility in the design or execution of important engineering work; or
  • Achieved high education qualifications, held a prominent position in the profession and made a major contribution to the science or practice of engineering; or
  • Had suitable engineering education/training, extensive responsibility in the design/execution of important engineering work and achieved exceptional eminence in the profession.
  • Achieved Chartered Membership status or have been chartered with Engineers Australia.


Charlie Jewkes, WSP’s Director of Transport says, “Our newest Fellows have reached an esteemed level of professionalism and service in our industry that deserves recognition.


"As a firm that takes an enormous pride in its people, we believe that through investing in their professional development, training and experience, we will achieve considerable return in helping communities thrive through outstanding project delivery.”


Cause for a worthy celebration – recognising WSP’s fellows 

L-R Back: Gerard Ryan, Dan Plamenac, Karl Umlauff, Nick Kyprios, Malcolm Busby, Collin Mitchell (EA), Ravin Chinniah, Guy Templeton, David Kent
L-R Front: Weiwei Li, Nathan Dang 


For more information on becoming an EA Fellow, please click here.


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