A Remarkable Woman Creating Opportunity for Indigenous Australian Communities

‘Because of Her, We Can’ is the theme for the NAIDOC week. It recognises the achievements, voice and unwavering passion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have empowered past generations and paved the way for generations to come.

Lisa Mundine, a Wiradjuri/Bundjalung woman, born in Redfern, Sydney is extremely proud of her heritage. She is the Business Development and Human Resource Manager for BY Group and is part of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Advisory. With more than 25 years’ experience in community engagement, Lisa connects Indigenous Australian people and businesses with the design and construction industry through project delivery, employment opportunities and supplier relationships.


Ms Mundine says, “In my journey, the biggest difficulties I have faced have come from understanding identity, feeling valued and having the confidence to find my place in the workforce. This is not unique to me – many Indigenous Australians experience similar issues. Being challenged and pushed outside your comfort zone is a good thing because it builds resilience and contributes towards the growth you need to succeed in life.


“My advice for young people is that there is opportunity out there for everyone. Hone in on what makes you happy and know that you are being backed by the broader community to succeed. There is an excellent support network that you can take advantage of that includes mentors, uncles and aunties within the community and social organisations such as the Tribal Warrior Association and Yalagan Group, which both BY Group and WSP actively support.


“I hope that, through the relationships and work that I’m doing, I can make a difference in connecting our communities and stimulating growth for Indigenous Australian businesses to build a brighter future. Working with organisations such as WSP, I can tell my story and that of my people and community, and challenge the status quo in procurement and Indigenous Australian business participation. We need to do more at the grass-roots level to build up the Indigenous Australian workforce and to facilitate individual career paths. I’m a strong advocate for supplier diversity and giving Indigenous businesses and suppliers the opportunity to engage in essential design and construction work, in line with the demands of the mandatory Indigenous Procurement Policy. Connecting community and businesses is the game-changer, and I found my space to champion just that.”


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