Re-Energising Our Communities

“Work where you feel passionate,” says Amy Naulls, Principal Economist, Advisory in our Melbourne office. “It’s a simple phrase that I try to live up to, and an example I try to set.”

Banner image: The Blue Walking group with Amy Naulls (centre back) and special guest, Tim Richardson, MP (bottom left).


Starting at WSP in August 2017, Amy joined the firm as she could identify with our vision and commitment to excellence.


“The strategic intent of the business – to be future-focused and challenge the status quo – is inspiring and gives our team a lot of drive,” explains Amy. “We’re always looking to create amazing places and connect communities for generations to come. There are so many exciting opportunities at WSP to make a difference.


“However, what I think sets us apart from many other organisations is our commitment to a balanced workforce. Diversity is a topic the firm doesn’t shy away from. Given that I’m utilising WSP’s flexible work policy, the ability to develop my career whilst also raising a family is a major drawcard for me.”


Since beginning her career in New Zealand nearly 15 years ago, Amy has gained experience in the disciplines of transport economics, congestion charging and road infrastructure investment across Auckland, London and Melbourne. She says, “Through helping my clients make tough calls on transport investments, I have developed a passion for informed decision-making. Communicating the ‘why’ is extremely valuable – it’s both important and rewarding.


“Over the course of many years, I have become an advocate for the benefits of active transportation. I believe it is part of the solution to decreasing the volume of traffic on our roads. By promoting safe cycling and walking, we can relieve congestion and help society become less sedentary. One only needs to look to Europe to see the clear benefits.”


Amy’s focus on active transportation is something she is passionately promoting through the younger generation. She explains, “I have worked with my local primary school to address traffic problems at the school gate. The school now has four walking groups which help kids develop safe road-crossing skills, and build an awareness to some of the dangers.


“As part of this initiative, we have collaborated with the local council, Victoria Police and a transport psychologist to teach students about road safety and resilience. I’m hoping that through this small initiative we can help bring about more substantial change in the future.”


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