The Ripple Effect of Today’s Infrastructure Choices

Allan Murray, proud Dhudhuroa-Yorta Yorta man is leaving his mark by empowering Indigenous Australians and building a brighter future for communities.

Allan is a Senior Aboriginal Engagement Consultant and part of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Advisory team at WSP. He’s also got extensive experience in championing Aboriginal participation and community engagement on major infrastructure projects. Allan says he felt he’s had opportunities rather than challenges in his career.


“Having a deep understanding and appreciation of our cultural land and values is a gift. For our youth, I place great importance on learning about the ripple effects of the decisions you make. We all face challenges, choices and consequences in our daily lives.


“I’m passionate about getting Indigenous communities involved in infrastructure, connecting people and stimulating growth for Indigenous businesses. Imagine the ripple effect of that in generations to come? That’s why I’m helping businesses like WSP and teams like the Southern Program Alliance (working on the Victorian Government's $8.3 billion Level Crossing Removal project) to reach their potential. I assist them to become culturally competent and safe workplaces – whether that’s through cultural awareness training, community engagement or nurturing skills from the grassroots level. I want to use my knowledge and experience to connect Australian infrastructure with our traditional values and land. For example, getting approved Aboriginal cultural design principles and art on infrastructure can help give the site an identity and a better connection to the land.”


Allan’s tireless advocacy for Indigenous participation started during his football career. It also set the tone for his transition to life after football. The highlight of his career came when he was working at the Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Local Government and Industrial Relations. His efforts led to a step change that allowed the Aboriginal flag to be flown at Parliament House and introduced an Acknowledgement to Country at each parliamentary sitting.


Allan currently has a unique opportunity to nurture sustainable communities through his work at the Southern Program Alliance and the St Kilda Football Club. In his professional and personal life, Allan is a cultural mentor determined to help others to make well-informed choices and to elevate the bottom line of Aboriginal participation within organisations.


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