Dan Cunningham Boosts Sydney Property Business

In what is a strategic appointment, WSP is pleased to announce Dan Cunningham as our new Principal for Building Services in our Sydney office.

Wayne Bretherton, WSP’s Director of Property & Buildings says, “Dan’s appointment strengthens our ability to service local clients which is critical in such an important growing market.


“During his career at WSP, Dan has displayed outstanding client servicing skills, an excellent technical ability and a passion for helping to shape cities.


“Dan hails from our Canberra business, where under his leadership the business has flourished and exceeded growth targets. By far and away Dan’s best asset is his teaming skills and his commitment to fostering an empowering and inclusive culture.”


Mr Cunningham has been with the firm since 2001, and in addition to his role in Canberra, has also worked in WSP’s Brisbane and Cairns offices. He says, “Canberra is a great city and one that I’ve loved living and working in. We are currently in an exciting period of growth for our capital. There’s an abundance of amazing projects which are creating a more connected city. The light rail is one example that will reshape the city and provide many benefits for residents, visitors and businesses alike.”


Currently transitioning between his new role in Sydney and previous role in Canberra, Mr Cunningham will call Sydney home full-time from January 2019.


With nearly two decades of experience, Mr Cunningham says, “The time is right to move into a new role that is dynamic and opportunistic. I look forward to getting to know the clients in Sydney and to providing them with exemplar service. While the market is new to me, I’m a fast and dedicated learner and I’m confident the transition will be smooth.


“I leave the Canberra Property business in good hands with Stephen Mufute stepping up to lead.”


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