Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Cindy Williams has recently taken on the reigns as our new Regional Director for the ACT.

A Canberra local, Cindy began her career with the firm 18 months ago, joining our transport team. Speaking on her appointment she says, “I’m grateful to the firm for selecting me for this leadership role and for supporting my development. I’m excited about the opportunity ahead and look forward to assisting our clients.”


Taking over from the current Regional Director, Dan Cunningham, Cindy believes that now is as exciting a time as ever to be in Canberra. She says, “With a growing population and key infrastructure projects like the Canberra light rail and some significant urban renewal developments in place, I’ve never seen the city so vibrant and active.”


With our office currently servicing over 15 different disciplines, Cindy says “Maintaining our local focus is an important part of our service and is part of what guides us. I’m determined to see us expand our presence and explore new opportunities in Advisory, Geotechnical, Water and Power whilst continuing to grow our business in the Transport, Environment and Property & Buildings sectors. It’s important to me that we deliver the best service possible to our clients, and as a collective, build a thriving ACT for generations to come.”


Playing to Your Strengths

One of the biggest challenges the professional services sector faces is the competitive landscape for talent. Ms Williams believes that with a booming employment market in Melbourne and Sydney, most graduates are naturally drawn there to work on the nation’s biggest projects. She says, “Our office has always been made up of a diverse range of professionals and thought leaders. Graduates wanting to gain practical and professional experience on projects that will change the landscape of the region, should consider Canberra. Therein lies our strength and an influential message worth selling to the broader market.”


Ms William’s appointment has set a benchmark – it is the first time the firm has appointed a female regional director in Australia. She says, “I’m proud of the firm’s commitment towards achieving gender balance. By promoting more women into leadership positions, we are helping to set a new standard for our next wave of leaders.”


To balance her young and growing family and work commitments, Ms Williams makes use of the firm’s flexible work arrangements. She says, “Gender balance to me is about treating everyone the same regardless of your age, sex, sexuality or race. Nurturing the family friendly nature of our office is a key driver of our success. When we plan activities for our people, we include families – because a lot of us are Mums, Dads and care givers. Our flexible work policy is invaluable. It is inclusive of everyone and for me that’s what balance is about. Our LGBTIQ policy also makes a huge difference to my family. The firm-wide email that was distributed during the referendum on the Equal rights vote was encouraging. It allowed me to feel safe and valued as a member of the WSP community.”


“I’m a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. By maintaining a successful work-life balance, I can hopefully inspire other women and minority groups within the business to be the best professionals they can be.”


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