Open Conversations Spur International Move

Emma Laing started with WSP in Australia in 2017 as a Contract Consultant in our legal team.

Relocating to Sydney from London, Ms Laing believes the change in climate and the opportunity to join a diverse business has been an exciting period in her life.


Our International Agility

Having transferred from the WSP Mouchel team in the UK, Ms Laing’s appointment is a sign of the firm’s international agility. She says, “My relocation was the result of having a simple conversation with my manager that I was keen to explore transfer opportunities as my partner had been offered a job in Australia. It then happened very quickly after that. I think the key to making sure these things occur is to be as open as possible and to remain flexible. I started on a part-time basis and became full-time not long after that.”


Ms Laing brings to our Australian team almost a decade’s worth of experience in corporate, commercial, litigation and employment law.


She says, “The sheer volume of contracts and the vastness of them in Australia is enormous. Being a multi-disciplinary firm, each contract covers a different service and within that, a different risk profile. There is a continuous cycle of learning and I am always solving new challenges, which I find very rewarding.”


Can we Hold Ourselves Accountable?

Speaking on the topic of gender balance, Ms Laing is pointed. She says, “Put simply, I think the fact that a gender imbalance exists anywhere is terrible and there is no excuse, especially in well-educated and progressive countries. It is time we held ourselves accountable.


“I think we need to shift away from the perceived strengths and weaknesses in genders which often manifest into stereotypes. Moving away from stereotypical adjectives for men and women and instead viewing both genders as entirely equal is in my mind the key to eradicating gender imbalance.”


Adapting to Life in Australia

Moving to Manly on Sydney’s sunny northern beaches, Ms Laing says, “Anyone who knows me, knows I love sport.”


She adds, “When we first moved here my partner and I travelled around the country and beyond following England as the Ashes and the Rugby League World Cup progressed. Albeit a pair of upsetting results, it took us from Sydney to Auckland, Brisbane and Melbourne and thoroughly enjoyed it.


“I’ve tried to make the most of the warmer weather and have really enjoyed the beach culture. On top of that, I’ve started playing netball for the first time in 10 years, my partner and I have enjoyed going camping (despite the snakes!) and we’ve also bought Kayaks!”


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